PGN MVP Awards

about the program

The PGN MVP Awards program is designed to recognize members who have gone above and beyond to further the success of their chapter, to showcase the best-in-class examples of leadership, and to celebrate the diversity of talent amongst our membership.

Born in August 2018, this cross-chapter collaboration project has now expanded to our schools , giving us the opportunity to recognize our own heros on a campus-level. We also added a new category this year, the entrepreneur award to celebrate those individuals who continue to help us innovate.


Those who are not already a member of the executive board or serving as president.
Active members who have served at least one semester.
The nominee is in good standing.
December 2 - Nominations open
December 31 - Submissions are due
January 7 - PGN MVP Award winners and chapters will be notified
January 15 - Flights are due


The Rising Star -- This award recognizes the emerging leader who has strong executive board potential. Their record should reflect a hunger for responsibility and a history of effective execution skills. Successful candidates are in their first 1 - 3 semesters, have not yet obtained an executive-level position, but their track record reflects high potential.

The MVP -- This award is for the unsung member who always steps up to the occasion and ensures whatever needs to get done is done. This person’s track record should demonstrate that they continuously go above and beyond, are willing to step outside their comfort zone to help others, and push PGN members to execute with excellence.

The Entrepreneur Award -- This award is for the member who most exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit of PGN. It is not necessary that they have started their own business, but rather that they are focused on continuously innovating and improving. This individual is always suggesting new ways to look at old challenges, often suggests and helps execute new programs or events, and isn’t afraid to take risks and try something.

I Am PGN (for seniors) -- This person most exemplifies the spirit of PGN. They are driven to success and devoted to your members, mentoring new members and encouraging members to be involved. They have been instrumental in creating a stronger organization, making the future of PGN brighter. This person will receive a gift in lieu of a trip to the convention.

2020 PGN MVP award winners

Alexis Crone
Alexis Crone
Alexis was a founding father of our chapter and has been a mentor to everyone from the moment we started. During PGN's first recruitment on OSU's campus she personally recruited more members than anyone else, she has held numerous leadership roles, and is consistently one of the most engaged members.
Taylor Beeson
Taylor Beeson
Taylor is the backbone of our chapter. She has served any and every role that we have asked of her, though her best work has come when nobody asked....From our Chicago trip, to Fisher Family Feud, to her new member philanthropy event, Taylor will drop any and everything to help us be our best."
Jonathon Palmeri
Jonathon Palmeri
From the beginning, Jonathon immediately immersed himself in our chapter's culture and contributed significantly. He has taken on roles typically filled by upperclassmen and expanded PGN's names with other student organization. He often meets with older members to absorb as much knowledge an experience as he can, setting a clear example for younger members.
Caelen Miller
Caelan Miller
Caelan created the Diversity and Inclusion chair, a new position on our leadership team. He's helped to define the role and demonstrate the creative ways to promote diversity and inclusion amongst the chapter

2019 award winners

I have never seen an individual that has embodied the values of Phi Gamma Nu as much as Jeffery Gao. I believe that I can speak on behalf of the our school and say that the impact he has made, whether it be the guidelines that we continue to follow or the atmosphere of cooperation and engagement that he has fostered, will be invaluable throughout the classes to come for the University of Pennsylvania chapter of Phi Gamma Nu.
Sarah took it upon herself to drive an hour each way, to and from her home, in order to talk about PGN at our New Student Orientation. Because of this, when students got to campus they already knew who we were and were excited to come out for recruitment. She also single-handedly took it amongst herself to make PGN the best-branded organization on University of Michigan's campus and our attendance numbers have shown that.
Jacqui is exactly the sort of person we all hope joins our chapters. She is a positive, results-driven, team-player who is truly a rising star here in Penn State Phi Gamma Nu. She has ran for, attained, and beautifully overachieved in a position every semester since she has been apart of Phi Gamma Nu.  I know for a fact she will continue to not only work hard but work upwards in our organization.

nominations for 2020 ARE CLOSED


Please reach out to if you have any questions about the nominations.